Insurance – Accident Checklist

Choosing a quality repair shop is an important decision in assuring your satisfaction. At Coal Creek Collision Center, we work with insurance companies every day and would be happy to save you any undue aggravation and worry. Our employees are professionally trained craftsmen who will do a quality job of restoring your vehicle at a fair price. At Coal Creek Collision Center, we want you to feel safe as well as satisfied with the results.

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Insurance Facts


Accidents can happen at any time and can be very stressful. Here are some things to remember if you are caught in this unfortunate situation. You might want to print the printer friendly view of this page and keep it in your vehicles.




Do the following after a major collision:


What not to do after a major collision:


What are O.E.M. parts?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) is a term used for parts made by the manufacturer of your automobile. For example, if you have a FORD, you would be purchasing O.E.M. parts directly from a FORD dealership.


What does “Aftermarket” mean?

Aftermarket is the term used to describe repair and replacement parts for your vehicle that are not produced by the manufacturer of your car. Many “Aftermarket” parts carry certification by CAPA which helps to ensure the integrity and quality of the part. Usually, these parts are less expensive and therefore some insurance policies authorize the use of aftermarket parts. These parts are sometimes referred to as “Quality Replaced Parts”.


What is a deductible?

A deductible is the portion of the repair bill which you are responsible for at the time you pick up your repaired vehicle. This is worked out between you and your insurance company when you apply for insurance and is then written into your insurance policy. The deductible amount usually helps determine the discount applied to your policy premium. Common deductible amounts vary from $100 to $1,000 for automobile policies.

You can change the deductible over time. As vehicles get older many folks go to a higher deductible, however, we are not suggesting you do this. If you have financed a vehicle the minimum deductible is frequently set by the financing organization.


When am I responsible for paying my deductible?

When am I responsible for paying my deductible? When your vehicle repairs are complete, the insurance company pays us for the work performed minus your deductible. The deductible dollar amount is due from you to the auto body shop when the car is picked up or delivered.